Free meet and greet can be scheduled 7 days a week. This will be a visit of 15-30 minutes where we will get to know your dog and/or cat, how they play and learn their routine. 

~Payment required prior to service~

When you’re out of town, we will stop by for several visits throughout the day: morning, afternoon, and night.

All visits include feeding, medications (if needed), litter box refreshing, playtime and affection.

Watering plants, getting mail and taking out the trash is also included (upon request).


~Free meet and greet~

  • $19 per 30 minute visit

  • $24 per 45 minute visit

  • $29 per hour visit

  • $55 Bundle (3) 30 minute visits​

  • $15 (Cat) one visit a day

  • $25 (Cat) two visits a day