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Free meet and greet can be scheduled 7 days a week. This will be a visit of 15-30 minutes where we will get to know your dog and/or cat, how they play and learn their routine. 

~Payment required prior to service~


Dog walks provide many benefits for your dog. Walks help your dog stay healthy and in good physical shape. Walks also provide a chance for him/her to explore and stimulate the mind to help prevent boredom.

A regular exercise program will help reduce unwanted behavioral problems, such as hyperactivity, destructive chewing and excessive barking.

Services up to 2 pets living in household.

$8 up-charge with each additional dog.

On weekends/Holidays each walk/visit is an additional $5.

  • $17 Per 20 minute walk

  • $22 Per 30 minute walk

  • $29 Per 45 minute walk

  • $210 (10) 30 minute walk bundle

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