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Hi! My name is Sierra, I have worked with animals from day one. For 10 years, I volunteered/helped my family foster over 100 Labrador Retrievers. I have experience with reactive, shy and high energy dogs. Our home was always filled with new born puppies all the way through seniors, as well as our own fur babies. My love for animals and the need to be outdoors, has led me to create River City Walkers!


Christine is passionate about all animals. Christine has been in rescue for over 16 years. As the president of Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond, she has gained knowledge in all types of dog behaviors, dog body language and dog training. Christine has experience with reactive dogs, shy/timid dogs and exuberant pups.  She understands the need for exercise, companionship and affection. Christine also has experience in owning and caring for cats. Her compassion for animals and the love of the outdoors has led her to a career in animal care.

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